My name is Naranbaatar and I serve as a leader in my church.

My wife and I decided to attend the ABC Course because we have a calling to help and counsel families.

But during the training, I have come to see my true identity and discovered the hidden wounds in the depths of my heart. It hurt deeply to remember how I was rejected while still in my mother’s womb and the feeling of being rejected by my dad. There were tough times in my childhood and I did not know how to set the right boundaries. I am still hurting today.

However, I am grateful to God for the understanding that pain is the beginning point of recovery. It is not easy to face the truth and accept myself the way I am. However, this is possible, but only through the work of the Holy Spirit. It was also great to see how our teachers helped me on the path of recovery.

After facing the truth, my personal growth stagnated during the practicum period. This was due to my past sin of promiscuity, which I had failed to repent of. My wife has been suffering more than me because of this sin, which she has known about. It was hard to face this bitter truth but I was able to do so and resolve this issue.

This is because I have come to realize that I cannot let Satan conquer my heart while I know that I am a beloved son of God who lives with the Holy Spirit in the grace of God.

I firmly believe my life will be filled with peace and joy when I repent of my sins before God and others. I have come to see that God frees us, his children, from guilt as long as we do not keep our sins a secret. God has provided his children of Light the strength and opportunities to brighten the darkness. I am grateful to God for his continued work in my life.

He knows us better than we know ourselves. We cannot escape from problems in this world but he provides the strength to overcome these problems. I am grateful to our teachers and the ABC Course for helping me realize whom this strength comes from. May God receive all the honor.

I will continue working on my recovery and receive strength so that I can continue to serve God and fulfill my calling. I am filled with enthusiasm to pass on my recovery to those who are still suffering.

He knows my path. He has tested me and I will shine like gold.  Job 23:10


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