My name is Ganaa. I came to faith in 1999, but I was not able to deal with my sins and be set free from them until I joined CR in 2004. I am now recovering from co-dependency, pride, resentment, self-centeredness, gossiping, and “addiction to money”. It is not easy to battle with these without God’s strength and a lot of help from my CR accountability team. I am constantly encouraged by the fact that I am not alone in my recovery; there are others with me at every recovery step.

For many years, I have cried out to God to be freed from co-dependency. Lately, I realized that my happiness is not rooted in my husband’s drinking pattern, but in God alone. With this discovery, I began relating with my husband in healthier ways, and I see that our relationship is taking a new turn. There are less quarrels and more peace at home. Even our son noticed it and came to me one day remarking: “Mom, you used to get very upset whenever you hear that dad is drunk, and then direct your anger at us. However, you seem to have become less upset recently.” I also see that God works as I begin to be open about it. I feel free to be honest with my project leader about my struggles. She never made me feel I am wrong, but accepted me and listened to me. I feel privileged to be given opportunities to talk about me feelings freely. As a result, real changes are happening in my life. I believe more changes will happen as I heal from co-dependency.

Before I started working in CR project, I thought I had a good understanding of all the main principles of CR. On the contrary, I find there are many areas I have to learn. I am doing my best to apply all that I learnt from working in CR project. For example, I am learning to accept myself. This is significant because I won’t be able to accept others unless I am able to accept myself. I am also doing my best to give up trying to control others. Most of all, I want to be completely healed from codependency, to bring joy and encouragement to my children.

I thank God for giving me enthusiasm for life. I am also thankful to my project leader who has been a significant companion in my recovery.

To God be the glory.

Ganaa (CR project coordinator)


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