I was a shepherd in Gobi-Altai aimag (province) until 2001 when I lost all my 350 animals in a snow disaster that winter. Since then my family and I moved to live with my elder sister in a small village called Tunhil. Feeling despondent over the loss, I began drinking excessively to the extent that I was hardly sober through a year. I was so addicted that the villagers nicknamed me “Alcoholic-Buyan”.

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Shalom. My name is Batbayar. I am a Christian who is struggling with alcohol co-dependency. When I was 10, democracy had just been introduced in Mongolia and many people lost their jobs, including my parents. At first my parents used to make food and sell it. But later they started buying vodka and cigarettes wholesale and retailing them, because that way they could make more money.

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I came to faith in 1999, but I was not able to deal with my sins and be set free from them until I joined CR in 2004. I am now recovering from co-dependency, pride, resentment, self-centeredness, gossiping, and “addiction to money”. It is not easy to battle with these without God’s strength and a lot of help from my CR accountability team. I am constantly encouraged by the fact that I am not alone in my recovery; there are others with me at every recovery step.

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I have come to realize that I cannot let Satan conquer my heart while I know that I am a beloved son of God who lives with the Holy Spirit in the grace of God...

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