Transformation TRACC is an initiative by concerned Christians for the Mongolian society. We are a training and counseling center for addiction recovery that is supported by more than 20 Mongolian volunteers. We value all individuals and their families despite their addiction, and seek to help them gain wholistic health through a transformed life. We also endeavor to help workers and volunteers in the field of addiction prevention and recovery to become effective helpers through specialized trainings.


Under the management of JCS International, the first alcohol addiction recovery project was implemented in Mongolia in 1993. The project trained narcotic doctors using the Minnesota model, and later helped to start the Alcohol Anonymous group in Mongolia. The Celebrate Recovery program was introduced to Mongolian churches and rehabilitation centers in 2002 with positive outcomes. To date, there are at least 20 active Celebrate Recovery groups all over Mongolia. As the need for more education and skills training in prevention, treatment, and recovery models for different forms of addiction arise, the project decided to develop training programs, resource materials, and counseling service that addresses different forms of addiction. The name “Transformation TRACC” captures our desire to make a difference and help build healthy individuals, families, and communities.



To see a healthy society in which families live in peace and individuals with addiction issues transformed to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


To provide information, training, and counselling that guide towards addiction recovery and life transformation, and develop the skills of workers in the field of addiction prevention and recovery.


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